Silence – A boon or a bane?

What is the first word that comes to your mind when someone says – SILENCE?                               Peace. Quiet. Tranquility.

Well, indeed it gives the feel of every word I just mentioned above but nowadays, Silence is also used as an “answer’. Yes you heard it right. An answer. Its weird to know that an answer can be summed up in silence because generally, an answer means an explanation to something one asks. But I guess, people have become lazy even in communicating, forget going to gym in the name of New Year Resolution. Usually when someone remains silent, it is assumed that they accept whatever the other person is saying; it can be negative or positive.

Sometimes it works i.e. when you want to get rid of someone or some conversation but when it comes to relationships, it doesn’t. Every relation is delicate and it needs clarity at every stage. Once the clarity starts to fade or is filled with some misunderstanding, the relation starts cracking, which eventually leads to break ups or getting distant from your loved ones.

I wonder why people cannot be clear in what they do and say? The actions don’t match the words or vice versa. How much can someone decode what the silence means in various circumstances. Then the easier way to get to a conclusion is to “assume” the negative. Most of the times that is the case but a mere silence does more harm than an explained statement; one just has to choose in what way they want to deal with the situation.

Mere silence will result into losing your loved ones but an explained statement may save it.


Broken But Beautiful

Why being “broken” is looked down upon? Why being “broken” is a negative thing? Well, the things one do when they are broken maybe illogical or not right but that should not be the reason of such a tag!

A person can be broken for various reasons. It can be due to death of a near one, failed relationships, failed friendships, failed marriages, society’s judgement towards them, etc. It’s a belief that if a person is broken, he will be boring, won’t know how to live life, won’t be interested in anything. To some extent, it is true but has anyone seen the other side of the coin?

If someone is broken, he realizes the mistakes that he made in the past and won’t repeat that again. The mistake can include either loving too much or loving too less. Giving a person importance, their share of happiness is one thing but going over board and doing things for a person who doesn’t really care is definitely going to hurt the one making such efforts.

Loving someone is beautiful. But remember, when you love, you also have to give space for the relation to bloom.

If you love someone, say it. If you don’t, still say it. Don’t be in a forced relation just because the other person loves you. Everybody has a right to choose, including you!

Every broken heart can be healed if and only if, you believe it to get healed. And trust me, Broken people are more beautiful because they know how it feels to not be loved or to get hurt and they wouldn’t ever do that to you. Yeah, few things may hurt but they won’t do a permanent damage to you, just like they suffered.

Humans not so Human

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

I believe this quote is being used the other way round. People are getting educated only to misuse it. We are always taught to read, be humble, be empathetic towards other living beings but many people don’t really follow this. The reason I am saying this is because humans are no more humane now. We are educated but animals are much more intelligent than us.

I read a news that stated that a biker strangled a street dog and dragged him till he died. When the  police reached the spot, they could not see the body of the dog as it was so badly injured. When you read such news early in the morning, you only feel like cursing that person, leave aside being normal and work! What had that dog to that person? He was living his own life, struggling for his living, not bothering anyone yet, this was his fate.

SAD. DISHEARTENING. Probably, that’s what we will say but who actually had a thought of doing something for animals like dogs, cats, the ones that stay around humans? Who, after reading this thought to do something in getting stricter laws for people humiliating animals. Why such law? Because, if you are a living being then even animals are living being and they too have a right to LIVE.

I intend to do something for my furry friends; give them shelter, provide medical aid, help them socialize in a “good & healthy environment” and help them live life happily till they die naturally. In the meanwhile, I will try to vouch for stricter laws for animal exploitation. As a citizen, I can only suggest and fight for it. Rest the government has to implement it which I pray, it should.

Anybody wants to share their ideas in helping me achieve my aim, please feel free to drop your comments. Thank You!!



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Friendship is an emotion attached to every person whom we call Friends. Every person is different and each friendship will also be different. Someone will be a close friend, someone will be a best friend, someone will be a hi-bye friend, someone will be just a friend, someone will be friend cum acquaintance and so on.


As to what’s the difference and how one is different from the other; because friends are friends, it’s on us that we choose what to share with each one of them!

Well, there was a time when I too categorised friendships and literally “abided” by the same. In a way, I limited myself in maintaining and growing friendships because, “what will my best friend feel or think if I tell this to this person….” kept bothering me. Even without a rule, I made a rule for myself! Didn’t even realise that a best friend could turn your enemy and a “just friend” person could mean so much forever!

And guess what? This actually happened with me. But let’s not get there…

So after all this, I realised that friendships should not be restricted. It is not necessary that if you have one favourite person, you can’t have another one! Let time build your relations and let time decide who deserves to stay or leave.

What you should look for is a real and true friend. And such a person need not necessarily be your best friend only. It can be anybody who genuinely wants to see you grow and be happy.

Share your thoughts and feelings with anyone you want if you are comfortable doing the talking, if the feeling of comfort is missing then you should know where you have to stop. Today, your best friend might the world to you, but what will be she when she doesn’t take your side and you both start having differences? Today, you might not be letting someone get close to you because apparently, you have your set of “closed ones” but what if that person turned out to your well-wisher in every possible way?

Never really thought this way right?!

Make friends, build friendships, know about people, hang out with them, let someone leave if they wish to, but hold on to the ones who are a real and true friend to you! Because, they might not be the sweet talkers in your life but will always show you the reality and will help you strive through them.

Real friends won’t show their backs when you will need them; real friend will not think twice to do something for you even when you have not anything; real friend will always involve you in their lives because you are an important part of them; real friends will fight with you but will make sure you don’t drift away; real friends might make you cry but will make sure you laugh double after the fight is over. The list can go on and on so it doesn’t matter how many “best friends” or “close friends” or “good friends” one has, what matters is how many real and true friends you have who helps you in your journey called “life” and stays with you forever in any situation.

Give chances to each friendship because no one is perfect including you and you alone don’t get to choose always. Observe more and speak only when it is needed. Observations will let you know a lot about a person and in turn would help you to know who is worthy to stay in your life, who are true to you, who deserves to be kept forever, who deserves to know your secrets, etc. It takes a few minutes to break a friendship but can take years to build one.

So be friends with everyone, don’t limit your friendship, give chances to people but don’t lose the real and true friends you have. Fight beyond your ego and make them stay because c’mon, they deserve much more than anyone else in your life!

 The Social Media Spiel

“Don’t compare your real life with someone else’s controlled online content” – Anonymous.

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Today, almost every one of us is insanely addicted to social media and various apps that let you socialise. Reel world has become the new way of living life, irrespective of whatever is happening in reality. People want to look cool, intelligent, beautiful, attractive to the whole online world but forget to work upon themselves for real.

Putting up attractive and edited pictures, sharing and tagging on different kinds of memes has become so important that we often fail to know what our immediate people want from us.

All the random accounts of celebrity, sportsmen and the other famous personalities will find a place in your account but your own parents will not or may be kept in the exception list just so that they don’t get to know about your whereabouts with people, they will never want you to be with.

Online quotes and statements are valued more than what your parents tell you to do or follow.

Social influencers are given more importance than your friends and relatives who have probably known you more than the person standing and talking in the video, having no idea about your past or current situations.

You go on to try a different cuisine or food that you have always speculated about when your mom has told you to, but now you will try because you have to impress the new friend you have just met!

You will know the whole history of the celebrities’ personal life but you won’t ever try to know how hard your parents are working to give you what you have today.

The social media today has become like a drug now. You just need to make that first step after which, it will take you where maximum it can take i.e. NOWHERE!

Every fifteen days to one month, the apps are updated or maybe new app comes in place to let you make more friends and know more people; the quality and character of these people are not promised of course. (Because it’s a totally different world and they are being kind to provide us with options!)

The madness of socialising was not enough to create competition and hence, every app has a certain kind of reward that lets you be on a top position depending on your followers or fans.

The more the number of followers, more the likes on the posts, more the comments, more will be your fame and more famous will be your name. People often forget that everything you get comes with a price that you either pay now or later.

This so-called fame competition will definitely keep you on a higher position but it will take away your sanity and privacy. If you expect to have more likes and comments be fully prepared to also digest all the cheap, filthy, negative comments you may get on your posts, be ready for the memes with your picture in it which you only posted with great joy.

This was also less. So for more entertainment, “Instagram” introduced polling, asking questions, answering in YES or NO; among other things. People would try these options and get entertained whenever they got bored and also to of course stay in touch with their “fans”.

The basic intention here is just to get entertained but there are people who tend to ask some serious questions and expects proper answers but they forget that it is a social platform and no one would want to be serious, at least on these little questionnaires.

Generally, people take these things in jest and expects their answers also to be taken in jest but unfortunately, this doesn’t happen always. There are people out there who take everything on the internet so seriously that they don’t even realise when and how they changed completely from the person they used to be. And when their “own” people point this out, they get pissed or tend to ignore these facts because “I already have been told by many people that …..” theory comes up.

Please understand, social media is only for fun and entertainment. You don’t get so attached with this as it will not take you anywhere. Believe in real friends, real relationships, basically believe in reality. Don’t do things just because someone did that and got appreciated for it whereas you would never want to do it. Don’t crib for the number of likes because these likes mean nothing in front of someone you are closed to, who tells you how sweet and humble a person you are.

Be yourself. Don’t change because people want you to; Change when you realise it’s necessary to. Listen to everyone, every good or bad thing they have got to say and later decide for yourself how you want to be.




Little Things.

Ever wondered why childhood was more fun than getting into the teens? Then from teens, growing to be an adult? Why even a raised eyebrow of our parents instilled fear in us and today, even their screaming doesn’t matter? Why we looked upto our parents when it came to take the minutest decision then, but now, we don’t even “discuss” our life decisions with them?

The answer to all these questions, which one usually don’t realise on a regular day is… we stopped settling for those “little things” and kept wandering for more & bigger things in life.

We forgot, how our parents smiled even when they were facing difficulties in life just to make us smile. We forgot, how even a small cut mattered to us so much. We forgot, how important those small promises were which we made to our childhood friends. We forgot, how to talk to our friend’s parents in order to get them come along with us. We forgot, how even an ice cream meant so much joy to us. We forgot that to keep people close to you, you have to keep telling them how much you love them. We forgot, how those little things made us proud of ourselves.

Today, when there is so much competition around, it’s okay to be in the race and compete with others. But what’s not okay is to kill the child in you and act with maturity just because your peers are doing that!

No! Stop that! Ask yourself. Is this really what you want?

When I say don’t kill the child in you, I don’t want you to act like one when you are at work or when you are professionally engaged somewhere. The true meaning to that sentence is to live beyond your professional world, to be kiddish in front your “own people”, to fight with your loved ones because you care and don’t wanna lose them.

A beginning is all we fall short of and that my friend, has to start when you feel that THESE LITTLE THINGS DOES STILL MATTER TO YOU.

– Sanjana Sen

Nature! – HOW?

I always wonder;

How does this Sun every single day rise to spread light all over the world and in return gets nothing?

How does this sky remain so void yet gives wonderful scenery to our eye sight!

How do the creatures spend each day struggling for basic needs and yet have no sign of frustation in them?

How do these birds find shelter somehow whenever it rains?

How does animals live without food for days and yet look at you with so much emotion?

How do animals like dogs and cats get beaten by people yet beleive that the other person they encounter will be good to them?

How does Nature take so much hatred and shower only joy and love to humans who doesn’t deserve such love!